Vocal – Chamber Ensemble and Voice

WAR, 2003.  One voice and one string (different arrangements).  Words: Stephen Dickman.  (9′)

THE YELLOW WALLPAPER. 2003.  Soprano, cello, and piano.  Soprano: Elizabeth Farnum.  Text: Charlotte Perkins Gillman edited by SD.

ELLEN SONGS, 2003. 6 pieces for soprano and flute.  Words: Ellen Frank.  (15′)

AZATHOTH, 2002.  Mezzo-soprano and cello.  Story: H.P.Lovecraft.

THREE PIECES FOR BARITONE AND CELLO, 1998-2000.   Words: Rumi, Abdal Hay, Dickman.

FOUR FOR TOM, 1997.  Baritone and piano.  (Commissioned by Tom Buckner) Words: Rumi and Milepra. (17′)

RABBI NATHAN’S PRAYER. 1995.  Soprano and violin.

IF THERE WERE NO BIRDS, 1994.  Soprano and violin. Words: Ellen Frank & Nyssa Dickman-Frank.

WINTER SONG, 1989.  Baritone, two violins, cello, and percussion. Words: Stephen Dickman.   (9′)

MAXIMUS SONG CYCLE, 1986-1987.  Soprano, violin, cello, piano, and percussion.  Poetry: Charles Olson.

I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You.  Soprano, violin, cello, piano, and percussion.
Maximus, to himself.  Soprano and piano.
COLE’S ISLAND.  Soprano, violin, and percussion.
A Maximus Song.  Soprano and cello.
My memory is the history of time.  Soprano, violin, and cello.

YOU ARE ROYALTY 1980 soprano and viola. Words: Stephen Dickman

SONG CYCLE, 1975-1977.  Three sopranos and three violins.

THE SONG OF THE REED poetry: Jalalu’l Din Rumi.
LOVE, THE HIEROPHANT poetry: Jalalu’l Din Rumi.
MY LOVE MAKES ME LONELY words: Stephen Dickman.

I AM A LOVER words: Stephen Dickman.
SONG words: Stephen Dickman.

ON MERE BEING, 1968.  Poetry: Wallace Stevens.  Soprano and chamber ensemble.

THE SNOW MAN, 1966.  Poetry: Wallace Stevens.  Soprano and chamber ensemble.