Composer Stephen Dickman’s specialty is to ‘set’ texts (poems, prayers, prose) by various authors into musical structures of his own design. 

The ecstatic music of Stephen Dickman (b 1943) is based on his own musical scales, a fusion of minimalist aesthetic with Eastern influences. After studying with Jacob Druckman, Arthur Berger and Harold Shapero, Dickman subsequently went on to study sarangi with Pandit Ram Narayan in Bombay. His study of Indian music had a liberating and profound effect on his style. The sonic universe that defines his work is notable for its spareness and simplicity of means.


“The overall effect is of a hypnotic ritual and exotic folk music, yet quite modern. Fresh and individual. A carefully composed work that pays close attention to fine detail. Highly recommended.” D.S., Fanfare Magazine

Contemporary Chamber Ensemble:  Arthur Weisberg, Conductor, Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Fabian Sydnor, soprano; Nancy Young, soprano; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Joel Lester, violin; Carol Zeavin, violin